About Me

Thanks for checking out my blog. I'll be posting abbreviated versions of personal essays/stories I'm compiling for another project.

The skinny on me is that I'm a writer/performer who, through a series of unpremeditated events, began working as a sober coach. This was my "side job"  - in a long list of unconventional side jobs (which appear in these stories) - to support my writing habit. Thing is, being a sober coach fit me the way writing fits me. The next thing I knew I was appearing on an A&E mini series called "Relapse" and my secret gig became very public. Many of these stories appeared on a blog called SoberCoachNyc but I realized that the word "sober" would stop a lot of people from ever taking a look - for fear that it was some sort of anti-drug ranting. Well, read a bit and you'll realize I'm not that person.

 I'm not sure the direction the new stories will go but many of the entries do have a post drug-life tie in for readers who are in recovery - but honest, there's enough sex drugs rock and roll, lower east side art damaged fag hag disco 70s punk rock fashion-victim crime hustle and travel to speak to a wider audience - so if you are clean and sober read away and hopefully you'll take something away from it. And if you are high and drugs are providing life-as-a-movie excitement, then read on and relate to my recollection of those days. I like to think of myself as a crossover kinda gal.

My website PattyPowersNYC.com is full of recovery-related material, news of upcoming events, press, links to Relapse, and possibly news of my film projects. You will also find links to Facebook, Twitter and IntheRooms. I created the website to give away what I have learned from my own recovery and coaching for anyone who can benefit from it.

Thanks for reading and feedback is appreciated.